Lenderking’s green policy is a logical evolution of our lean quality initiatives, which are focused on eliminating waste and redundancy. Our green policy is to constantly look for ways in which we can improve our green credentials as part of our continuous process improvement under our lean quality initiatives. Our green strategy is also aligned with our government contract compliance initiatives and our corporate social responsibility initiatives. It is our mission to operate our business in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. This includes:
• Establishing a green product offering from key vendors for national distribution and clearly identifying those products in our marketing materials, including our catalog and web site
• Purchasing green products from our suppliers
• Reducing waste and recycling & reusing materials at every opportunity
• Reducing our electrical energy consumption
• Designing distribution routes to minimize fuel consumption
• Encouraging car pooling and responsible business travel
• Repairing rather than throwing away whenever possible
• Receiving electronic POs, invoices, and other business documents from vendors and customers whenever possible
• Encouraging our customers to sign up for Electronic Invoicing via fax, email, or the web to reduce paper usage
What We Have Already Done
• Eighty Percent (80%) of our facility’s electricity is produced by wind power.
• We operate two biomass boilers for our facility’s heating needs.
• We reuse or recycle most of our incoming packaging materials (cardboard, polystyrene, shredded paper, air bags, etc.) and pallets and totes for shipping.
• We recycle all our steel, stainless and aluminum scrap material and turnings.
• We minimize our use of paper. Increased use of e-mail greatly reduces the amount of paper used in hard-copy correspondence, envelopes and letters. Business records are digitized to minimize hard copy document storage. We have also installed some multi-functional devices (for faxing, printing and photocopying) in our offices that will reduce energy and paper usage.• We only purchase paper that includes recycled content, and we recycle our office paper.
• We encourage staff and visitors to recycle bottles, plastics, and aluminum cans by placing recycling bins at strategic points throughout our facility.
• Our consumption of fuel and energy is closely monitored, and we take measures to ensure that it is not wasted. Our factory and warehouse has been retro-fitted with energy-efficient lighting systems,
• We utilize global information systems to design truck routes that minimize miles traveled.
• We recycle our old computers through our IT replacement strategy.
• We recycle fluorescent light tubes.
• We have reduced the amount of our landfill waste by finding ways to recycle waste material, either in-house or in conjunction with others who are able to use the material constructively.
• We are ensuring that any new build/refurbishment plans adhere to current environmental standards and energy conservation requirements.
• We utilize green cleaning chemicals
What We Intend to do in the Future
• Where possible, we will choose to source our materials from suppliers who operate in an environmentally-friendly manner and who are geographically local (to reduce delivery miles).
• We will choose our vehicles with fuel-efficiency in mind, and their fuel consumption will be closely monitored.
• We will develop e-Learning opportunities for employee training
• We will encourage our business partners to strive for the same high level of environmental care.
We will deliver awareness-raising training programs on green issues. Our goal is to inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint and encourage them to take action to offset their carbon in innovative ways.