Lenderking Metal Products has been manufacturing in Maryland for 150 years. As a family owned, veteran run company, we have made a commitment to our employees and country to only use American made materials, labor and ideas

We focus on three main areas of metal manufacturing to identify customer's metal product needs and provide solutions.

Contract Metals

This division seeks and maintains relationships with customers who have an ongoing need for metal fabrication. Usually, these are products made on a repeat basis, with quantities set for delivery on a specific date. Many of our contracts are on a JIT commitment which benefits our customers by reducing their inventory. Quantities can be from a few items to production runs.

Fabricated Metals

Here, LENDERKING performs job shop operations for customers whose metal needs vary from job to job. This includes one of a kind, prototypes or production runs.

Product Division

LENDERKING develops, markets and produces a product line of stainless steel research equipment for the worlds' leading research and drug companies. Products are sold through our distributors and are made on a per order basis.


The combined efforts in these three areas gives LENDERKING the ability to provide the latest in metal fabricating techniques, equipment and services to our customers. Our state of the art equipment, facility and our people are dedicated to giving our customers the best engineered and best manufactured product. Our equipment and experience allows us to perform operations and fabricate products more uniquely than most other fabricators. Your products will look better and fit better.


Lenderking can design and fabricate a variety of custom Architectural Metal Products to enhance your project. One contractor, less paperwork and less worry.


We can save you thousands of dollars and enhance your company's image.

Lenderking has the ability to take ordinary commercial items, such as aluminum storefront and doors,then clad them with solid stainless steel, brass, bronze or copper.



Do not trust your reputation to caulks and other waterproofing short cuts.

Lenderking's Flashing products will protect your project and your reputation by eliminating water intrusion into your building.

Lenderking can design and create Custom Furniture for your home, office or other project.

We work in stainless, bronze, copper, or brass and can work with all finishes from polished, to brushed or apply a patina to achieve that Old World look.

Lenderking will design or work with your drawings to produce your industrial items. Whether you need one or thousands we can produce items for OEM's and lend our expertise so that you achieve the best possible product with the best value.

Lenderking can design and fabricated any type of Railing including glass with a variety of top caps. Special Finishes can be applied from powder coat to proprietary finishes we have developed over our century and a half of work.

Lenderking can design and produce any type of Signage, especially when it comes to brass and other high end metals. We also produce weather proof and vandal proof mobile digital signage.  No one can ignore your message with these because "You just Have to Look"

Lenderking does custom work for private as well as commercial customers who want their Vehicles to stand out. We also build and sell the Transformer Truck with Switchable Bodies for the ultimate in versatility.